The Opposition Leader on Tuesday filed an official complaint with the police against Prime Minister Philip for his gross abuse of the 2012 Prime Minister's discretionary fund.

Dr Sikua says his office submitted the complaint to the Commissioner of Police on Tuesday along with supporting evidences that the Prime Minister had endorsed payments from the discretionary fund to his family members and political cronies.

The Opposition Leader says the Republic of China funded the Prime Minister's discretionary fund which should have been paid to the MORTECH Company of Taiwan for the purchase of solar panels for distribution to Solomon Islands 50 constituencies.

He says this arrangement was sealed in an agreement signed between the previous CNURA Government and the company in 2009 and was to have run for a five year period.

The former Prime Minister says he filed the complaint directly with the Police to ensure a full scale investigation is launched into the matter immediately.

He says the Opposition is determined to ensure the Prime Minister is brought to justice for his abuse of public funds as soon as possible.