Leader of Opposition, Fred Fono, says intentions by the Prime Minister and the country's controversial Attorney-General to lodge a case in the High Court is a mere desperate attempt to stop Parliament from meeting.

In a press conference yesterday, Mr. Fono told journalists that such action demonstrates Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare cannot face Parliament because there is no majority for his government.

"... the Prime Minister cannot face the full Parliament because he no longer enjoys the parliamentary majority as he claims daily," the press conference was informed yesterday.

Mr. Fono claimed that "... the MPs supporting the Prime Minister and their campaign agents are continuingly selling the post of the Deputy Prime Minister and other Ministerial posts to MPs on the Opposition side".

Solomon Times could not reach the government group for comment on the claim.

The Opposition Leader stated that the MPs of the opposition group are determined to set things right.

Mr. Fono informed the press conference that their number stands at 26 with the continuing support of firm Opposition supporter, Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The Opposition Leader, in view of a letter from the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena to the Prime Minister and the Opposition, reiterated calls requesting Sir Nathaniel to immediately announce a new date for the meeting of Parliament.

"The Parliament must be allowed to deal with the political and constitutional issues and not to be strangled by court proceedings," Mr. Fono stated.

He stressed that it is impossible for a prime minister to lead with a minority and urges the Governor General to listen to the majority.

Mr. Fono said that government action on retrieving vehicles from the former ministers and backbenchers has just consolidated them not to go back for reconciliation with the government.

Meanwhile, the Governor General has called on Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare to set a date for a Parliament session before end of the year.

Sir Nathaniel, who initially refused to be involved in the political crisis, changed his position following a letter from Attorney General, Julian Moti, to include the Governor General in his intended legal proceedings.