The Opposition has denied government claims that it is playing politics.

The Prime Minister's Special Secretary Andrew Muaki earlier this week called on the opposition to stop playing politics and instead work with the government.

But the Parliamentary Opposition says the call by the Prime Minister's advisor reflects his ignorance of the Opposition's role.

A press statement from the Opposition Office says the group is doing its duty as the government watch-dog, keeping a check and balance over NCRA policies and actions to ensure that they are in the best interest of the nation.

The Opposition has also maintained its earlier claims that the NCRA Government has been making unlawful decisions for its own convenience and that of its cronies since taking office last August.

The Press Statement says "No right-minded person would expect a responsible Opposition to allow a government to trample all over due processes and the laws of the country".

Meanwhile, the Opposition describes the return of the previously resigned NCRA Ministers and the defection of two of its members as 'unfortunate' to efforts to improve governance for the country.