The ruling National Coalition for Rural Advancement (NCRA) Government today describes as "Worthless and Empty" claims by the Opposition leader that the government's solidarity has been threatened by a recent logging action taken by Forestry officials.

Special Secretary to the Prime Minister Andrew Muaki says the Solomon Star front page story today is water under the bridge and the Opposition is recycling events that were weeks old.

"Instead of worrying about the opposition claims, the NCRA government under the competent leadership of Prime Minister Danny Philip continues to enjoy firm support from crown Ministers and Backbenchers since coming into power in September."

Mr. Muaki explained that the logging issue raised by the Opposition leader is before the courts and the Government won't comment on it except to say that the Forestry Ministry had obtained legal advice before undertaking remedial actions.

"The action was taken by the Commissioner of Forest. To this end, the action taken by the forestry officials was not controversial by any means. How would an action taken based on legal advice from the Attorney General's Chamber be controversial?" Mr. Muaki said.

On threats to the NCRA solidarity, Mr Muaki said interests shown by MPs to switch side happen frequently, especially Opposition MPs who want to join the Government.

"That happens in Solomon Islands frequently and is not new. It is only new to any novice in the game. Today's front page story is water under the bridge and the Opposition is recycling events that were weeks' old," Mr Muaki explained.

The nation is assured today that there is no spilt in the NCRA Government. In fact it is in rock solid mode for the next 4 years.

Mr Muaki said if the Prime Minister is under pressure, prudence dictates that he should not travel overseas at the moment.

The fact he decides to attend important overseas engagements on the country's behalf shows the confidence he has in his Government, including his hard-working Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers and Backbenchers.

"One does not need to be a rock scientist to figure this out," Mr Muaki added.

Unlike the Opposition where only one or two members appear to pull the shots, the NCRA Government allows its members to express views on matters that are important to this nation.

Occasionally there will be views expressed to the contrary but this does not mean that the Government cannot function and represent Solomon Islands for the next 4 years.

Since coming into power in September, the NCRA Government undertakes issues of importance to this nation based only on consensus.

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