The Opposition group says they are puzzled at the explanation given by the Minister for Commerce and Immigration, Elijah Doromuala, when pressed to explain how Mr. Zhang reentered the country after he was allegedly deported.

Patrick Zhang, an alleged ring leader of the bechedemer network, was served with a deportation order a month ago and was said to have left the country.

"Zhang was served with a deportation order in March this year and he was alleged to have left on a flight bound for Port Moresby," said Dr Derek Sikua, the Opposition Leader.

"It has been alleged that he has since returned after the deportation order was revoked by the Minister for Immigration about two weeks later."

Dr Sikua says that he has also been informed that the Minister had allegedly given instructions for a new deportation order for Zhang which is still to be issued.

Dr Sikua says that the level of contradiction displayed by the Minister for Immigration and the Director for Immigration are "interesting and warrant an inquiry."