The Parliamentary Opposition Group has commended the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) for their quick response in restoring law and order in Auki following confrontations by disputing parties to a land case.

In a statement today, the Opposition Group says the quick response and the competence shown by the RSIPF must be highly commended.

“We must commend our local policemen for carrying out a job well done in stabilizing the situation in Auki last week. Such news is great for our local force and it also brings back a lot of confidence to our people,” it said.

The Opposition Group says if it wasn’t for the swift intervention by the police, the situation could have been worse.

“Our local force has shown great courage and dedication,” the Opposition Office said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Group has urged citizens of the country to continue to support the RSIPF as they progress and prepare for the RAMSI exit in June 2017.

“We must continue to support our RSIPF and have confidence in them,” it said.