South Australia's former director of public prosecutions will be moving to the Solomon Islands.

Mr. Stephen Prallas will become a justice of the High Court here in Honiara.

Mr Pallaras spent seven years as South Australia's DPP and was replaced by his deputy, Adam Kimber, in April.

He said he was looking forward to the new challenge, from next month.

"It's a very exciting opportunity, I'm very much looking forward to it and yes it was disappointing (losing SA role), I loved doing the director's job in South Australia, my family and I both enjoy living here but this is opening up a new chapter and we are very much looking forward to it," he said.

"I've done not only prosecuting in my career, I've done many years of defence work as well so I feel as if I've seen both ends of the bar table and now it's time to be in front of it."

One of Mr Pallaras' first duties will be to preside over trials stemming from ethnic riots in the country.

He says he will be moving to Honiara for at least a year but hopes to return to Adelaide at some stage.