THE Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (OPMC) has denied claims made by the Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua that funds were paid to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) to be distributed to police stations around Honiara to host their functions.

The OPMC was responding to unsubstantiated claims made by Sikua that the Prime Minister instructed his officers to raise payments from the state purse to the RSIPF through the deputy police commissioner Walter Kola.

But the Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM) Jeffrey Wickham said the claims were not true.

“There were no payments and money was never paid to police or any individuals as claimed by Sikua,” Mr Wickham said.

“Yes, we hosted a luncheon for the police officers at Monarch but at no time was the issue discussed or raised,” he said.

Meanwhile, the OPMC encourages Sikua to get his facts right before spreading false information to the public.

The statement says the OPMC is surprised that the Opposition Leader decided to pick on very petty issues to try and score political points.

“What is the issue here?” the OPMC questioned Dr Sikua.

“Maybe this is the Opposition Leader’s new strategy for 2014 picking on issues that are not of national interest and that does not result in national development,” the statement said.

“The Opposition Leader should substantiate claims before he makes public statements because it will only bring him to disrepute.”

Press Release: OPMC