Police warns the public that Operation High Visibility will focus on unlawful drinking this festive season.

This was revealed yesterday at press conference organized by the heads of the operations, Acting Commissioner Operations, Nela Mosese and his two commanders, Chief Supt. George Guna and Chief Supt. Nathan Ratu.

He said the need comes amidst many fatal road accidents taking place in the city the past weeks.

"Much has been happening in the past weeks and we do not want to loose more innocent lives," Mr. Mosese said.

He said that the operations will continue right through to New Year.

Mr. Mosese warned that there will be zero tolerance on alcohol-related incidents and "we will arrest on the spot any person causing nuisance under the influence of alcohol".

He said that measures taken are out of police concern for the safety of the public as they celebrate Christmas and New Year.

"This is a time to be happy and we want to ensure that celebrations are done in a peaceful and safe manner."

Mr. Mosese added that the operations are also launched in the provinces.