A joint operation to clear out illegal betel nut stalls around Honiara is believed to be a good boost to the country's tourism sector.

Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Superintendent Peter Araonisaka, said the joint operation between Royal Solomon Islands Police and Law Enforcement Division of Honiara City Council will ensure a clean Honiara once all illegal vendors are cleared off the streets.

"Once stalls are cleared, we will seriously embark on ensuring a clean Honiara city that will be attractive to visiting tourists," Supt. Araonisaka said.

He said while it is an acceptable "favorite pastime" in the country, it can't be disputed that betel nut chewing is not only an unhealthy habit but also "a very unclean habit".

The operation that started early last week will continue until all illegal vendors are off the streets of Honiara.

"We do not want to have tourists coming into our capital city, Honiara, to see unhealthy habits every corner they turn," Supt. Araonisaka said.

He urged the general public to assist the joint operation "because the overall benefit will be for everyone".

Supt. Araonisaka said it is time people change and be proud of their nation's capital in supporting all initiative that is for the betterment of all involved.