The police are warning the public that they will be on the roads monitoring activities.

Dubbed 'operation sunset' the police will be increasing its presence on the road doing random checks.

"We are very concerned at the scary rates of speeding and pedestrian accidents on our roads" stated Superintendent Nathan Ratu. "In less then three month we have recorded eight deaths on our roads" Mr Ratu said. "Of the eight, two of the deaths happened within a span of a week"

The Police are warning the public that there is zero tolerance on any driver caught breaking the law. "We are especially looking out for under aged and unlicensed drivers" Mr Ratu said. "There is reportedly an increase in the two"

Concerned motorists have been urging the police to take measures that would make Honiara roads safe. "What concerns us most is the increase in drunk drivers on our roads" a concerned motorist stated. "One only needs to drive around Honiara on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings to see what I mean".

Mr Ratu said that the operation has already started and may go on for a couple of weeks. "We would like to remind the public that we are not out there to harass them, we just want to make our roads safer, and we appeal for understanding and cooperation"