Open courting is a huge no for most cultures in Solomon Islands societies. Although today's generation seem to be challenging such cultural taboos.

"Generally in the Melanesian culture, the only time a guy and a girl are allowed to be seen in public together is when they are married," an elderly woman, Salome Tauhi commented.

Mrs. Tauhi said that so much has changed over the years for the islanders.

"Compared to how things were for us in the past, young people nowadays are so free in terms of being open with their relationship," she said.

Mrs. Tauhi said that some even go to the extent of visiting each other at their homes.

"During our time, you will hardly see an unmarried couple walk around together, let alone live together unless relatives from both sides know about them."

She however added that "the olden days have long gone and we are now in the modern world".

Mrs. Tauhi agreed that changes are bound to take place over time.

She joked on how young boys and girls in a relationship act like "couples who have already exchanged vows in church".

Mrs. Tauhi said that while change should be welcomed, "young people should still have respect for our culture".

"They seem to forget where they come from, thinking that they can do away with culture and adopt foreign attitudes," she said.

Mrs. Tauhi stressed on the need for elders to remind the young ones on the importance of abiding to the norms of "our traditional cultures".

"What the young people need to realize is that to be rooted in culture would help them better understand how to deal with circumstances that will arise later in life," she said.