Days after the far eastern island of Tikopia was connected to the world, it was Ontong Java's turn.

A newly installed Telekom tower at Luanuia was switched on at the weekend, enabling the people there to make mobile telephone calls from the island for the first time.

A Telekom engineer on site, Noel Nelu reported that tower was switched on air on Friday night, and "the villagers cannot wait to make a first call to their relatives and wantoks in Honiara when they learnt of the new development."

The tower was built and installed at Luanuia which is the eastern end of the atolls, populated by approximately 2000 people.

A statement from Our Telekom says the company is proud to be present in various rural communities in Solomon Islands through its unity bilong community programme, which is the deployment of towers, adding it will continue till completion of the first 50 new sites.