The Solomon Islands Olympic Committee has so far avoided suspension from the Oceania Olympic committee (ONOC), as the regional group's chief calls for investigations into allegations of fund mismanagement.

The Oceania National Olympic Committee says they are looking into alleged mismanagement of funds by the Olympic committee in Solomon Islands and unresolved cases involving past board members.

The Secretary General of Oceania National Olympic Committee, Ricardo Blas, told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program that authorities have neglected to take action against those at the centre of allegations involving the mismanagement of Olympic funding.

Mr Blas said the Olympic Committee has encouraged NOCSI to work towards solving some outstanding concerns regarding the management and operations of Olympic funds.

But Mr Blas said it appears that NOCSI did not want to go after people responsible.

He said it was rather unfortunate that the current executive board of NOCSI took over more than two years ago when there were already "multiple problems of accountability for Olympic funds and properties."

He said ONOC was upset that no one has been held responsible for the destruction and stealing of Olympic properties over the past years.