Only business owners and employees that are fully vaccinated are allowed to conduct business services in the Honiara Emergency zone during the current covid situation.

And the Government warned that unvaccinated business owners and their employees will be penalized if they breach this order.

The Government issued this warning under Regulation 15(1) (b) and (c) of the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (No. 3) to open and operate a business in the Solomon Islands without a valid COVID 19 vaccination certificate.

The Regulation further states, a person must not enter or be on the premises of a business that is open (whether the person operates the business, is an employee or is a customer or client of the business) unless the person is vaccinated against COVID-19; and carries on the person his or her vaccination certificate.

The Regulation further ordered the closure of all Casinos including operating any associated businesses within Casino premises.

Similarly, the Regulation also orders the closure of all restaurants, bars, or any part of a premises where food or alcoholic beverages is served and consumed by guests on the premises.

Furthermore, the Regulation also ordered that no person in the Honiara Emergency Zone can leave his or her place of residence unless the person wears a face mask for the duration of the time he or she is away from his or her place of residence.

Practicing of social distancing, hand washing and the frequent use of hand sanitizer is a requirement under the regulation.
The Regulation also banned persons from organizing or attending social gathering of more than 5 persons.

In terms of public transportation, the Regulation banned a person from operating, driving or traveling on a taxi if there is more than 4 persons in the taxi.

Similarly, a public van or bus is required to carry a maximum of 2 passengers sitting in each row of seats.

The regulation also orders that a person must not be on board a bus or taxi (whether as the driver, conductor or as a passenger) unless the person has proof of his COVID 19 vaccination.
Offenders can face a maximum penalty of $15,000.00 fine or, 5 years imprisonment or both.

The Order covering these activities became effective on Saturday 22 January 2022 and will remain until it is revoked.

Source: GCU