The GSM Mobile service to Auki provided by Our Telekom is only on a one month trial basis dispelling earlier reports that it was a permanent arrangement.

Manager Sales and Marketing, Christiana Lasaqa, was quoted saying that the service is a trial service for one month. "We decided to trial the service at this time to coincide with the celebration that is being held at Auki."

"The response Our Telekom is getting from residents of Auki is overwhelming. The only problem we are having with the service is congestion and our engineers are working around the clock to ensure more users are connected."

The one month will lapse on the 28th of July and after that date then Our Telekom will decide whether to continue with the service. Mrs. Lasaqa assured the public that there will be no disconnection of service. "Once we are satisfied with the service then we will announce the proper launching date," said Mrs. Lasaqa.

With regards to the provision of ADSL Broadband internet service to Auki, the marketing manager said that is not possible. However, Our Telekom is looking at providing Wireless Broadband internet service to Auki similar to the service Gizo residents are enjoying. She said price wise, the cost is a bit high but the service is good and those that can afford it would be able to enjoy the product.