The Office of the Ombudsman will continue to work with the Leadership Code Commission and the Office of the Auditor General to provide awareness on corruption.

This was revealed by the recently appointed Ombudsman, Mr. Joe Porowai, who informed Solomon Times that all these offices are supported by the RAMSI Machinery of Government (MOG) Programme.

The RAMSI Machinery of Government Program [MOG] will soon provide an adviser to help the Ombudsman further fulfill their role.

Mr. Porowai revealed that the three offices, supported by MOG have been visiting the Provinces to create and provide information about their offices and their roles against corruption.

According to Mr. Porowai, corruption in Solomon Islands is quite rife which he says is causing a lot of problems for the country.

He concluded that his office and their counterparts have done their part, and now it is up to the Government and the public servants to make the right decision.