The New Zealand government through its aid agency, NZAid is committed to supporting basic education in Solomon Islands for the next 10 years.

The NZAid manager in Solomon Islands, Rebecca Spratt, says New Zealand this year supports the C-NURA government's Fee Free Basic Education Policy with 15-million dollars on top of a 40-million dollar funding for basic education for curriculum development and building of primary schools.

She says the New Zealand government has launched a new strategy that would commit them to helping Solomon Island's basic education in the country for the next 10 years.

Ms. Spratt says New Zealand believes basic education is fundamental to the development of society, to peace, social stability, economic development and social development.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Mr. wale has urged all schools not to commit parents to pay any more school fees.

He called on schools not to worry too much about charging school fees as yet.

Mr. Wale said the Ministry has started the implementation of the Fee Free basic Education Policy and it will need to see if the policy works.

He said if schools are faced with shortages in their budgets, the Ministry will need to see the justification for those shortfalls.

Mr Wale however said parent responsibility to the schools is important so parents need to continue supporting the schools.

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