The supporters of the Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea within the Malaita Provincial Assembly have declared the numbers game against Premier Irosaea as irrelevant.

A press release from the Premier's supporters includes a list signed by twenty-four provincial members in the 33-member Malaita Provincial Assembly.

"We the undersigned do hereby confirmed to the public of Malaita province and Solomon Islands that our allegiance remains with the Alliance for Development of Malaita Government (ADMG)," the statement says.

It adds that it is their sincere hope that the opposition led by Jimmy Manewai stop making unfounded claims of support from us.

The statement says that the Malaita Provincial Government was reconsolidated on the 21st August 2008 and has been the case until now.

"For the sake of good order in the community, the confidence of the public and stability of our Provincial Government, we state that the Malaita number issue is totally irrelevant and should be put to rest," the statement says.

Premier Irosaea is now at the Temotu Provincial capital of Lata for the Premiers' Conference.

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