MP for West Are'are Severino Nuaiasi has taken his oath as the new Agriculture and Livestock Minister this morning.

Mr Nuaiasi was the Investment Corporation Chairman prior to his appointment. Mr Nuaiasi took his oath of Allegiance in front of the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena at Government house this morning. The ceremony was witnessed by senior government ministers and officials.

Speaking after his swearing-in Mr Nuaiasi said he will continue with the programmes being earmarked to be carried out by the ministry. "This includes the monitoring of the work being implemented in the planned Auluta Plantation project and others inline with the government's Bottom up Approach" Mr Nuaiasi said.

Mr Nuaiasi went on to say that the Agriculture Ministry is one of the main ministries used by the government to implement the Bottom Up Approach policy.

The former Minister and Deputy Prime minister, Toswell Kaua is likely to take up the Department of Public Service portfolio.