The National Training Unit, NTU, will terminate the scholarship awards of about 100 students under government sponsorship.

Director of NTU Selu Maezama says the termination of awards is in line with NTU's new policy and strategy to encourage students to be serious and better their academic performances.

Mr Maezama says more than one hundred students were initially stripped of their scholarship awards.

He however says a number of scholarships were reinstated based on grounds of their appeals. Mr. Maezama says the terminations were mainly for poor academic performances.

He appeals to students under government scholarships to be serious and not to waste time on activities that will not benefit them academically.

Meanwhile, just fewer than 100 of over 200 Solomon Islands students earmarked to study in Papua New Guinea Universities and institutions are expected to fly to Port Moresby this Saturday.

Director for National Training Unit Selu Maezama says these students include those admitted to the university of Papua New Guinea in Waigani, Goroka University and the University of Technology.

Mr Maezama however says a number of admissions for the Goroka University are yet to arrive in Honiara, meaning some students will not fly out this weekend.

He says nearly 150 students will still await further directions from the mother Ministry.