Medical students from the North Malaita Constituency studying abroad will engage in a two-week tour of clinics in the constituency next month.

The 32 students from the Fiji School of Medicine of the Fiji National University and the University of Papua New Guinea, along with some working doctors from the National Referral Hospital in Honiara and Kilu'ufi hospital on Malaita, will take part in the medical tour.

An organizer of the tour says the students and doctors will do free general health checks, dental services, nutritional advice, medicine prescriptions and data collection for the health sector.

The member of Parliament for North Malaita, Vicki Lusibaea, is funding the volunteer medical tour.

Provincial assembly members for the constituency are also supporting the tour.

Meanwhile, the students in Fiji have secured 700 toothbrushes and 700 toothpastes from Colgate Palmolive Fiji Limited to distribute to the people.

The medical tour will cover Fo'ondo, Gwaiau, Bita'ama, Orukalia, Malu'u and Sulagwalu clinics in North Malaita and Takwa clinic in the Lau-Mbaelelea Constituency from 13 to 27 December.