The Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace has announced official opening of nominees for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Solomon Islands.

Deputy Chairperson of the National Selection Committee for the TRC, Fr. Sam Ata, said that the committee has been formed in accordance with the provisions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act of 2008.

"It is our duty to conduct a legal process of selecting five commissioners to form the TRC and we are here to officially launch this important national process."

He said that according to law, three commissioners will be nationals and the remaining two from other countries.

It was explained that for the two non-nationals Commissioners, the committee shall consider names from a list of qualified candidates provided to them by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

"Today we officially launch the process of selecting the three national commissioners," he said.

The committee calls on the public for suitable, qualified candidates for these three positions.

Fr. Ata also called on Solomon Islanders to participate in the process, "this is your chance to help form the TRC from the beginning."

"Commissioners must be individuals of integrity who have trust of the public to undertake national duty. They will not represent merely one group or another group and from any other province."

The nomination process will stay open for a month in accordance with the law and will close on the 8th of April.

The National Selection Committee will consider nominations and make its selection within two weeks before sending the selection to the Prime Minister who will then appoint the Commissioner.

Meanwhile, nomination forms will be made available in place which the National Selection Committee will be advising venues from nomination forms through the media.

Solomon Times understands that the National selection Committee will hold meetings with many organizations to further explain the selection process.

The National Selection Committee consists of Chris Hunupauro (Solomon Islands Government), Rev. Leslie Boseto (Official Opposition), Fr Sam Ata (Solomon Islands churches), Patrick Vasuni (Ministry of Provincial Government), Jacobeth Maneiria (Solomon Islands Christian Association), Federation of Women, (Gad Hagasuramo), traditional leaders and Chief Justice Albert Palmer.