The National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands will officially pass their final decision on the number of athletes for the upcoming Pacific Games in Samoa.

The decision will be based on the Justification and Monitoring Committee Report submitted late last week to NOCSI.

The executive met on Sunday and assessed the report giving them a fair idea of who will travel in the final contingent. NOCSI General Secretary, Phillip Ohoto'ona, highlighted that a decision will not come easy.

"We have assessed the report and we will officially announce our decision to the federations today and publicly announce the outcome this week. Some athletes or teams will not like the outcome of the decision," said Ohoto'ona. "We will seek clarifications also from the federations and hope to build the collective understanding and efforts from both parties to ensure that the process is fulfilled efficiently."

Ohoto'ona stated that the report will be used to justify a team, or an individual's, inclusion in the final contingent. "We don't want to send tourists to the games. We want a genuine and realistic participation in Samoa," says Ohoto'ona.

Ohoto'ona says that there are other issues like the weight category in contact sports. "We need to send athletes, say in boxing or weightlifting that can realistically compete. We can compete in the lightweight better than the heavyweight category," says the General Secretary.