Police are reminding people that to live in peace they must work together to uphold the law.

On Tuesday a delegation of Solomon Islands and RAMSI police invited the Deputy Premier of Guadalcanal to travel to AvuAvu to assure the Village Chiefs that the police are working in support of their communities.

The Deputy Premier and police consulted with community leaders and local police about the best way to work together to apprehend criminals involved in murders and other serious crimes committed in the area.

RAMSI PPF Commander Denis McDermott emphasized the importance of working with Guadalcanal leaders.

"RAMSI officials met with the Premier of Guadalcanal Provincial Government on the day after the attack on the PPF officer, and have spoken with him since the latest investigation to apprehend the offenders," Mr McDermott said.

"We will continue to talk with community leaders, and we trust they will help police bring these dangerous people before the courts."

Mr McDermott said he agreed with the Premier's comments that we should all work closer for the good of everyone.

"It is important that the community assist in every way possible to catch any offenders involved in crime. This will make the Solomon Islands a much safer and secure place for all to live."

Mr McDermott said one of the main reasons that RAMSI was invited to Solomon Islands was to restore the rule of law.

Press Release (RAMSI Media)