The Guadalcanal Province says that Honiara town land boundaries will remain within the current boundary and no further expansion should be accepted by the authorities.

Delegates from Guadalcanal Province told a gathering of the Constitutional Congress that any development outside the Honiara City boundary would be considered as developments within Guadalcanal's boundaries and would therefore be required to pay all taxes to the Guadalcanal State, should the country adopt Federalism.

The Guadalcanal Province's submission also says the sea, reefs and seabed adjacent to Honiara City shall remain under customary ownership from the low-water line to three nautical miles.

It says Guadalcanal Province and Tandai Landowners shall negotiate with the National Government for recognition which shall be enacted by the Federal Parliament or the current parliament. It says it should give a full and final settlement of all past claims and grievances by Guadalcanal affected peoples arising out of the unjust taking of land comprising Honiara City, and adjacent sea, reefs and seabed.

Meanwhile, under its proposal, the Guadalcanal Province also wants special revenue sharing arrangement applying to a State of Guadalcanal.

It says the State of Guadalcanal shall be entitled to a 50 percent share of all revenues generated from Honiara City, according to an arrangement between the Federal Government, Guadalcanal State, and Honiara City.