The motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has been deferred to later this afternoon.

Although the motion was listed as a private members motion this morning, the Opposition Leader, Dr Derek Sikua, failed to show up to Parliament.

Dr Sikua had said late yesterday afternoon that he was confident he has the necessary support to oust Mr Lilo. Sources close to the Opposition group says that an issue that took time to resolve was the candidate for the Prime Ministers post.

"We only came together last night, so there are a few names and its taking time to settle with a candidate. Ideally we would want to go in with one candidate should the motion succeed."

But the Prime Minister has been dismissive of the threat.

"This will be the third motion that will be staged by the Opposition against me, with two being withdrawn and now the third one and it will end up the same fate," he told Pacific Beat.

"There is no people deserting our camp - in fact, our camp is rock solid with 28 members.

"In fact, what you will see is that these guys are going to show themselves in a very embarrassing way."

Sources say that the Government still has the support of political heavyweights such as Hon. Steve Abana, Hon. Manneseh Maelanga and Hon. Namson Tran.

"These political heavyweights control strong groups within Parliament. It will be quite difficult for the Opposition to push through if they do not have the support of one of these three individuals."

It is understood Parliament will consider the motion 2 pm today.