No indication has been made from Sir Allan Kemakeza, the Solomon Islands former Prime Minister, the current Minister for Forests and the Member of Parliament for Savo-Russell Islands, to appeal the courts decision to sentence him for six months imprisonment.

Sir Allan was represented by lawyer, Mr. Billy Titiulu.

According to Mr. Titiulu there is a provision in the Court of Appeal rules that allows a person to appeal a High Court decision, however, there has been no sign that Sir Allan would appeal the sentence

Mr. Titiulu stated that if his client wants to appeal the decision, he will look into the grounds of appeal to see whether they have any merit to take it to the Courts of Appeal.

Sir Allan will still remain the Member of Parliament for Savo- Russell Islands 30 days after his sentencing. After the 30 days, the seat for Savo-Russell Islands will then be vacant.

"There is a provision in the Constitution where he can apply to become a member after the expiry of 30 days from the day of sentencing, and this will be up to him," adds lawyer, Mr. Billy Titiulu.