The Office of the Registrar of Political Parties has confirmed that it has so far received 9 applications for the registration of political parties.

These parties have submitted their applications in accordance with section 19 of the Political Parties Integrity Act. The Electoral Commission has certified the schedule of members of 6 of these political parties as required by the Act. This is the first step in the registration process.

The next step is for the Registrar to publish a notice of the application in a newspaper after he inspects and is satisfied of the form and content of the application.

On 23 September, notices for the first 6 parties were published. The notice of the application invites from the public objections which are to be made to the Registrar in writing within 14 days from the date of publication of the notice.

If there are any objections the Registrar is to provide the applicant party with no less than 5 working days for a written response before the Political Parties Commission is convened.

If there is a response from the political party, the application shall be considered by the Political Parties Commission together with the objections in its entirety. Ultimately it is for the Political Parties Commission to determine whether to issue a certificate of registration to political parties or not.

The Registrar has reiterated that under section 22 of the Act, the Commission is not to consider an application during the period commencing on the date that the Governor-General appoints a date for election in accordance with section 24 of the National Electoral Provisions Act (Cap.87) and ending on the day that the results of the election are declared under section 57 (2) of the Act.

However, as the announcement of the election date is yet to be made, the Registrar is still receiving and processing registration applications.

As it stands, the following parties have successfully had their memberships confirmed by the Electoral Commission and are now progressing towards certification by the Commission:

1. Kadere Party
2. National Transformation Party
3. Pan-Melanesian Congress Party
4. People’s Alliance Party
5. People’s Progressive Party
6. United Democratic Party


Press Release: GCU