PRESS RELEASE - 26th March 2010 - Several non-government organizations and private sector representatives in Nauru have expressed appreciation for the Cairns Compact Peer Review process which is underway in the country this week.

Nauru has volunteered to undergo the Peer Review process, one of the deliverables in the Cairns Compact which Pacific Islands Forum Leaders endorsed in August last year. Nauru invited the Cook Islands, Tonga and the United Nations Development Programme to undertake the Review. The team has been consulting with Government agencies and non-government organizations since Tuesday this week.

"This Peer Review process is very useful for us because it enables us to get a clearer picture of the type of partnership we as the private sector here on Nauru could have with the Government and processes that are available for engagement in the development of our country," Lochley Denuga, President of the Nauru Private Business Sector Organisation said after a meeting with the Peer Review team.

"We also have the opportunity to recommend to the Government what this government-private sector partnership could include for the mutual development of Nauru," Mr Denuga said.

Ms Peta Gadabu, President of the Nauru National Council of Women said: "The meeting with the Peer Review Team has made us more aware of possible channels and processes that are available for accessing assistance for our community groups especially for funding projects that will alleviate poverty among our members.

"Our consultations with the Review Team has opened our eyes to what is available out there in the way of assistance for groups such as ours and the importance of stronger partnerships with the government that will enable us to access the assistance," Mrs Jean Akubor, a teacher in charge of the Nauru Able Disable Centre said.

The Peer Review team has also met with the representatives of the Nauru National Youth Council.

"We welcome this Peer Review process as it ensures our government focuses its attention on implementing the National Sustainable Development Strategy," said Nerida-Ann Hubert, Secretary of the Council.