The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission have received the final list of candidates who will contest the vacant Parliamentary seat for Ngella Constituency.

Election Manager, Mr Alphonsus Pero confirmed the final list after the close of the candidates’ withdrawal last Saturday 2nd February 2013.

Mr. Pero said that there was no withdrawal request received hence the final list of candidate remains the same as after the close of nomination on Wednesday 30th January 2013.

There are eight (8) male candidates and two (2) female candidates giving a total of ten (10) candidates to contest this coming Ngella national by-election.

“There is a provision in the Election legal timeline, that allow a period of three days to give chances for candidates to withdraw if they want to before final list of candidates can be finalized," Mr Pero Explained.

Below is the final list for the candidate names and nominators according to the ballot paper draw:

1: Candidate: David Hapa.

Nominators: Samuel Sunarua, John Vure, Stephen Lagi

2: Candidate: Batholomew Parapolo

Nominators: Gordon MaraRichard BosoThomas Rea

3: Candidate: Henry Luito Farodo

Nominators: Silas Meta, William Toku, Everlyn Peua

4: Candidate: Henry Zimbo

Nominators: Phillip Tilo, James Gaso, Charles Roko

5: Candidate: Cecil Loti

Nominators: Alfred Sapi, John Gora, Michael Koikoli

6: Candidate: Christian Salini

Nominators: John Taraivo, Hubert Lovi, Ethel Tabu

7: Candidate: Johnly Tekiou Hatimoana

Nominators: John. W. Kuali, Robert Irara, John Monona

8: Candidate: Samuel Balea

Nominators: Atkin Manebona, Peter Gegere, John Bage

9: Candidate: Cathy Vuni Roy

Nominators: Fr. Mathew Elvis Paia, Peter Bera, Benjamin Lee

10: Candidate: Janet Baraisi Kemakeza

Nominators: Mrs Rose Mau, Andrew Lape, John Raoni Manebona

Mr. Pero said that the final list of candidates should already be available in all main communities within the Ngella Constituency for publics’ awareness and viewing

In an election legal timeline, the Electoral Commission recognized campaign period begins a day after the close of candidates’ withdrawal date and therefore, official campaign period for the Ngella by-election should start on Sunday 3rd February 2013”, Mr Pero explained.

Within the legal campaigning period, candidates’ campaign actions are under Electoral Commission’s radar and hence candidates should always ensure that their actions are lawful. Mr Pero said.

Returning Officer, Mr George Sasi, also exclaimed his gratitude to all candidates who will run for this by-election for their well-mannered and cooperation showed throughout the nomination process up to this day.

I would like to thank all the candidates who have submitted their nomination application forms for their promptness and cooperation and for making this nomination process lawful and successful. .

So far every steps and activities in the by-election timeline has been falling into place peaceful since day one with no hiccups or complains, been received or experienced and the Electoral Commission would like to acknowledge the Ngella Constituents for their cooperation.

Solomon Islands Electoral Commission will make all efforts to deliver to you an election with an exit poll that everyone appreciates.


Source: Press Release, Solomon Islands Electoral Commission