People of Ngela community in Central Islands Province are making moves to protect marine resources.

Speaking to Solomon Times, a village demonstration worker under the Solomon Islands Community and Coastal Programme for Ngela, Joseph Keba said that people in their community are taking the initiative on their marine protected area.

Mr. Keba said a short 'look and learn' visit before Christmas to 'mystery islands' in Vanuatu, which are marine protected areas, prompt the people of Ngela to move in a similar direction.

"In Solomon Islands, we are very far behind in such activity like marine protected areas due to the flexible laws issued," Mr. Keba said.

He highlighted that "in our country's case, the Western Province is doing well in the area".

Mr. Keba revealed that the people of Marau in the eastern part of Guadalcanal Province are launching an action plan that stops people from exploiting marine resources.

"The Maravagi Resort's implementing by-laws as well to protect their marine resources."

He added that if all the marine resources are being well kept, there should not be a problem in tourist attractions.

"People should observe and respect what is being initiated here," Mr. Keba said.

The programme on marine protected area was implemented by the Solomon Islands Development Trust Fund (SIDT) in efforts to restore the nation's marine resources.