The newly fenced Central Market is not receiving much public favour with most complaining that it is causing inconvenience for parking vehicles.

Vehicle owners state that there have been a lot confused drivers who do not where to park as changes have been in place following the fencing of the compound.

In response to public complaints, Acting Deputy City Clerk, Gordon Olisukulu, said that the purpose of building the fence around the market compound is to secure the market place from people who usually hang around doing illegal activities.

"Honiara Central Market is one place where some youths in town get to cause and create criminal activities like smoking and selling of marijuana, selling home made alcohol (Kwaso) and also harassing women and young girls."

Mr. Olisukulu said that work is still underway and a proper car park will be in place for the public.

Solomon Times was informed that following completion of the fence, the market area will be repainted and strict policies in place.

The council will impose its market by law once the project is completed, "hopefully early next year".

"Market vendors will no longer be allowed to sleep in the building with their products because we will be providing tight security to ensure everything is safe," he said.

The project is being funded by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum [CLGF].