An expatriate from New Zealand was today fined more than $1,000 for a driving charge at the Magistrate's Court.

Stacy Trask was charged with one count of driving under the influence of alcohol, one count of careless driving, one count of using an unlicensed vehicle, and one count of using an un-insured vehicle all relating to an incident in March this year.

Trask was arrested by Police for dangerous driving at the Town ground area. A police Prosecutor says he was ordered by the Magistrate to pay the fines by this afternoon.

Police are currently clamping down on the amount of drink drivers on the roads of Honiara. The huge increase in alcohol related accidents has prompted the police to take a tougher stance on drivers caught under the influence. "There is very little tolerance for drink drivers by the police, they not only endanger their own lives, but also of others," said a police traffic officer.