New Zealand will remove the Pacific division of its immigration department following a report that revealed failures in the division.

According to the Australia Network News, New Zealand's Immigration Minister, Dr. Jonathan Coleman, 'wants the division folded back into the general service after a report found it was failing badly in six of nine areas studied', saying that the 'Pacific division's management is poor, there are huge application backlogs, and serious concerns regarding financial processes and compliance'.

According to the report, Dr. Coleman stated that the decision will have no impact on Pacific Island immigration and that people will receive better service.

"We have quotas for Pacific Islanders, there's a special Samoan quota as well so that people from the islands are able to put themsleves in the ballot to come to New Zealand each year. We also have a temporary labour scheme so immigration is very, very important to the Pacific and New Zealand".

He added that New Zealand has a special relationship with the Pacific islands and the government doesn't "want to do anything that would damage that relationship."