The New Zealand naval vessel, HMNZS Resolution, is delivering much needed supplies to one of the Solomon Islands more remote islands.

The ship is enroute to Mono Island for the 68th commemoration of the World War Two battle there.

New Zealand soldiers played a significant role in the invasion of the Japanese held island in 1943 and 14 men lost their lives and 145 were wounded.

The commander of the Resolution, Lieutenant Commander Matt Wray, says the trip for the commemoration is also a great opportunity to get supplies to the islanders.

"The most western island in the Solomon Islands group and pretty hard to get to so it's a great opportunity to help the community by taking a whole of stores and equipment out, and a lot of it will be to help refurbish the medical centre there. So we will be sending a group ashore to fix that up and do what we can there, and also provide some community interaction and get to know the locals," says Lieutenant Commander Matt Wray.

He says the Mono Island commemorations will happen on today to be followed by similar events on Vella Lavella on tommorrow.