Beach goers are calling on landowners to help curb the new trend of road blocks and other incidents that are creating fear on the general public.

Solomon Times was informed that road blocks and other incidents have recently been reported to police, causing people who enjoy going to the beach to hesitate in taking the drive down to their favorite beach spots.

Regular beach goer, Junior Maka, said that it has always been a favorite pastime for him and friends to take a ride down to wind down at the beach after a long night at the clubs.

"But hearing all the rumour is making us hesitant and this is sad because we are going into a period in time where the public crowds the beach," he said.

He added that unlike previous times, "going to the beach has been both a day time event and after hours".

This is however no longer the case, according to Junior, who said people fear risking their lives particularly in going down after hours.

A few weeks ago, a reconciliation ceremony was held at the police headquarter between a group from Kakabona and a group of beach goers from Central Honiara.

"This is just one of many incidents and leaders of the communities should talk to their youths to be fair on people who just want to enjoy the areas," he said.

Junior added that young people need to cooperate when it comes to social attitudes especially with the festive seasons being celebrated.

"We should be enjoying the days to come together instead of looking for trouble so this nonsense should be put to a stop," he said.