Futsal development in Malaita will see a huge leap as a international standard size court is currently near completion at Faumamanu Community High School in east Malaita.

Malaita Provisional Assembly Sports Coordinator and Malaita Football Association (MFA) President, Eddie Omokirio visited the school this week to assess the progress of the venue.

"Malaita Sport officer visit yesterday confirmed final plans to paintings on court and dimensions, plans for goal posts structure, and needed goal nets and balls, " he said.

'What started from a very small idea to accommodate an indoor futsal court is about to be materialised."

The project is made possible through the partnership between MPA, Faumamanu community high and with other stakeholders including SIFF.

"After he want to see his second major successful PCDF project following Kwai island Primary school, Mr Finley Fiumae want this Faumamanu CHS Hall to also cater for futsal, " Omokirio.

"I do trust our partnership with SIFF, MHA, NOCSI, MPG shall bring it to pass.

"It is worth supporting communities who have shown tireless effort toward this project and avail their natural resources".

Malaita has seen a rise in futsal development over the years and this new development is a boost for the abbreviated code.

Source: SIFF