The new Special Coordinator to RAMSI, Graeme Wilson, says he is "very proud and happy" to be appointed head of mission and looks forward to working with the country.

Mr. Wilson said the assignment is "an honour" and pledges his "full commitment" during his term.

"As the new Special Coordinator for the mission to Solomon Islands, the country ... has my full commitment during my stay here."

The new RAMSI head who has previously served in Vanuatu and New Caledonia said he has had three brief visits to Solomon Islands prior to taking up the post of RAMSI special coordinator.

Mr. Wilson said he is keen to help make Solomon Islands a more secure and prosperous country.

He revealed on being passionate about the Pacific region and looks forward to tackling the challenges of the job.

Mr. Wilson's appointment makes him the fourth special coordinator to have served under RAMSI since the inception of the mission in mid-2003.

Mr. Wilson is a senior Australian diplomat who brings to the mission considerable experience of RAMSI, Solomon Islands and the region.

He was recently promoted to First Assistant Secretary in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade after heading up its Pacific Branch for a number of years.

Prior to that, he served as Australia's Ambassador to Mexico.

He has also served in a senior diplomatic capacity in Vanuatu, Noumea and Paris.

The Government of Australia, under the international agreement signed in 2003 which established RAMSI, is responsible for nominating the leader of RAMSI, in consultation with the Government of Solomon Islands and the Pacific Islands Forum.