Acting Director for Police Prosecution, Mr. George Ofu, today, in a Press Conference, told the media about an arrest warrant database, that will soon be introduced.

The newly introduced database is expected to boost the efficiency of the Police, something of which the Police force is looking forward to.

"We are still working on putting together in alphabetical order, the names of people, the Police has warrants to arrest. The names will then be lodged into the system," stated Mr. Ofu.

The names of the people in the streets with arrest warrants will then be publicized through the media.

"If anyone knows of someone who has committed a crime and would like to report it should apply for a warrant from the Police Prosecution Office. All identities of witnesses will be confidential to assure their safety," stated Mr. Ofu

"A person failing to attend his or her court case will be issued a warrant for arrest and will expect heavier charges," continues Mr. Ofu.

The Police Prosecution Office has warrants dating back to the early 80's. This also includes the Provinces, which totals to about 6000 warrants.

Mr. Ofu is confident the new database will be available in two to three weeks time.