Unconfirmed reports state that the soon to be appointed Police Commissioner, Mr Peter Aoranisaka, was involved in a car accident at the town ground area over the weekend.

Sources who spoke to the SIBC said that the new Police Commissioner was celebrating his appointment to the top police post at the time of his accident.

The Police Media Unit issued a statement shortly after the news broke, stating only that “the RSIPF Traffic department has conducted an investigation into a senior officer, who was believed to be involved in a motor collision over the weekend.”

“Police want to inform members of the public that one of its senior officers who was unfortunate to crash his vehicle on a brick flower pot along the Town ground area on Sunday night, is pending a police investigation matter,” the statement reads.

Nurses on duty at the central hospital confirmed to the Solomon Star that Mr. Aoranisaka was in fact brought to the hospital early Sunday morning and was treated for minor injuries.

Those close to Mr. Aoranisaka says that he has a strong track record within the force, and should be given the opportunity to explain himself if the accident is confirmed.