A new name in the local musical arena will release their first album next month in Honiara.

The four-member band, I-SYM-4NY, consists of Mykey, Tiri, Stealthman and Wenona.

A band member, Wendy Nori, otherwise known in the band as 'Wenona' said the album will be their first masterpiece as a group, "an initiative that is credited to each individual's passion for music".

"The album title 'Whisper of Life' basically speaks of situations encountered, or has yet to encounter, by almost anyone anywhere," she told Solomon Times.

Blending reggae with a touch of rhythm and blues (R'n'B) and island style, the album will consist of songs in pidgin, English and compositions in Rennell-Bellona and Malaita dialects.

"Combination of different ideas in the lyrics, vocal arrangement, choosing the right sounds and musical arrangement was the hardest part of the whole piece."

It took members of the group almost a year to form a band name.

"I-SYM-4NY emerged from the idea that each individual have their own symphony, their own expression especially in the art of music. The amazing thing about this album is being able to integrate and synchronize the different styles each member can express through music," Wenona explained.

She adds that the humble establishment of I-SYM-4NY is with the hope that "we will hit the market outside Solomon Islands".

"We are hoping that not only Solomon Islanders will get to listen to our piece but maybe in the future, make a name anywhere our style can take us."

The group wish to thank individuals who has supported them in one way or another towards the successful completion of their first ever album.

Solomon Times understands that major sponsor that has made the album possible is the Ministry of Women, Youth and Children.