A new Malaria tablet, called Coartem, will be introduced in Solomon Islands this year by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

A spokesman from the Ministry stated that the introduction of the new medicine was necessary given the fact that many patients are becoming resistant to Chloroquine and Fansider, the two popular medicines prescribed for Malaria patients.

The Deputy Director for Vector Borne Disease Control Program (VBDCP), Leonard Boaz, stated that the new medicine is a combination of two tablets, which are to be taken two times a day after 8 hours for three days.

He said the tablets will be first introduced in Guadalcanal Province and Honiara City while waiting for the huge stock to arrive before sending it over to all provinces.

Mr. Boaz said that training will first be organized for nurses on the use of the tablets before introducing it to clinics and hospitals.

Several Aid donors are happy to support Solomon Islands in the health sector to fight against malaria including AusAID, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Fund against TB and Malaria (GFATM).