A change of the trade show grounds is confusing a lot of people visiting the venue.

"Lots of people are into the whole thing but with lots of stalls and little villages spread out into sections, it is becoming a bit confusing," Junior Mete commented yesterday.

Different from the usual "all in one place" setting from previous trade shows, this year sees a split of various little villages in varying orders from government ministries to small operating businesses.

"There are no handy maps to indicate where each stalls are, there are about three different stages in place so it is quite confusing at times for most," Mr. Mete said.

Jason Rarawa echoed similar sentiment saying the spread out has made it "too big to look around".

"It just gets a little confusing because everything is scattered," Mr. Rarawa added.

But another group of happy holidays think otherwise.

"We think this is a great set up because the previous ones were too crowded and you are constantly banging into people," students approached state.

They said that unlike the past trade shows "this year's one is more spacious and the various stages gives people the option of which they prefer to watch".

Solomon Times observed that of the many stages, the cultural stage attracts a huge crowd with a variety of cultural performances taking place around the clock.