An ex-militant from the Guadalcanal Revolutionary Army shared his life experience after being in prison for one year.

Mr. Peter Channel, an ex-militant from Tangarare, west of Guadalcanal, said that he is now a changed man after his one year sentence in incidents related to the ethnic tension.

In an interview, he told Solomon Times that he is currently living with the Catholic Brothers at the Holy Cross area.

He said that after he came out of prison, he decided to get proper counseling from a brother.

"I have noticed a lot of changes within myself although I've only just been out of prison two weeks ago," Mr. Channel said.

The once very aggressive man told Solomon Times that he has big plans ahead of him.

"I now realize that what I did was not in line with God's principles, so I am working on my right purpose in life and I'm feeling so much happier," added Mr. Channel.

He told Solomon Times that he is learning to "control my temper and my bad ways because I want to be a better person".

Mr. Channel said that discovering God has really helped him to "forget everything in the past and move on with this real life I have found".