A new kindergarten in Harabau Community, Aruligo, will open today, following support from Save the Children's Youth Outreach Participation Project (YOPP).

YOPP is funded by AusAID through the Solomon Islands NGO Partnership Agreement (SINPA).

Less than a year ago, the organisation helped the community to develop a Youth Action Plan to help identify the community's existing resources, successes and ambitions.

Following this consultation with young people, women and the elderly, the community identified early childhood education as a priority.

Previously there were no kindergartens within walking distance.

The new kindergarten was built by local young people and will be operated by two teachers from Harabau Community.

Harabau Community contributed most of the building materials and manpower, while Save the Children offered nails and fuel to the project.

Save the Children Australia's Director of International Programs, Peter Walton, and Pacific Program Manager Andee Davidson are both in the Solomon Islands on a field visit, and will attend the event.

Country Director for Solomon Islands Niamh Murnaghan will speak at the event, along with community leaders and the Kindergarten Project chairman.