A new initiative has office bearers in Honiara to help raise the profile of research and knowledge creation in Solomon Islands.

The newly established 'Islands Knowledge Institute (IKI), launched on 30th October 2008, held its first Annual General Meeting last night at the Commonwealth Youth Program hall.

Eight board members, two female and six male, were elected last night to serve the IKI for the next two years.

Head of IKI, Paul Roughan, told Solomon Times that the AGM was like opening the first chapter of IKI.

He said the three main activities which the board will try to achieve this year are Solomon Islands review, research students hosting and research portal.

The meeting that had a good number of people turning up discussed the constitution and rules of IKI.

Mr. Roughan said that IKI is a new institute which, once understood of its mandated tasks, will benefit not just members but the nation as a whole.

"A lot of people do not really understand how we, as a Pacific nation, run our government and most do not really understand our cultural heritage and this is where IKI comes in," he said.

He adds that the IKI will be especially helpful to students in doing their research with regards to anything they need to know about Solomon Islands.

"A lot of times, Solomon Islanders have great ideas on how things should be done but they don't have the avenue to share their ideas, and this is where IKI will play its role in disseminating information gathered for others to know."

Mr. Roughan said that the IKI will help Solomon Islanders work together in putting ideas that could help towards the betterment of the nation.