Attorney General, Julian Moti, will be repatriated to Australia if a new government comes into power.

In a press conference yesterday, Opposition Leader, Fred Fono, said that the members of the Opposition and the defected government leaders will honor Australia's request to have Moti repatriated if they form a new government.

Mr. Fono told journalists that the Attorney General has to clear his name first before he will be considered for the Attorney General post.

His statement was supported by former Planning Minister, Steven Abana, who defected to the Opposition camp.

Mr. Abana said yesterday that it is better for the government to do what is best for the interest of the nation.

He said there is a need to repatriate the Attorney General, Mr. Moti, because it is what the people want.

Mr. Moti, who is wanted in Australia on child sex charges, was appointed Attorney General when Mr. Sogavare came into power last April.