The new government will support "a variety of policy initiatives" which includes improving on the "Bottom Up Approach".

"Your government that I lead is a government for all Solomon Islands and all national initiatives by all previous governments will be supported," the newly elected Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Derek Sikua, said in a post-election press conference.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the priority of rural advancement must be maintained along with all the other policies that guide a government in its day to day activities.

Given the short time left for the house of parliament, Dr. Sikua said that it is essential they focus on the essential and fundamental policies that will create an enabling environment for a broad spectrum of policy initiatives.

The newly elected Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Sikua, acknowledged that the people of Solomon Islands has experienced some turbulent years in its recent past.

"The issues arising out of these times need to be dealt with promptly, properly and finally," Dr. Sikua stated.

He told the press conference that the issues, if not quickly resolved, will continue to undermine the building of Solomon Islands.