The newly appointed Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, says his government will ensure expenditure for 2008 is properly authorized by Parliament, through an appropriate resolution before 31st December 2007.

"We will urgently work on the task of producing a budget for 2008 that is reflective of the development priorities of the 'Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement'(CNURA) government," Dr. Sikua said.

He added that they will ensure government budgetary policy is responsible, cost effective and efficient, consistent with the Bottom Up Approach and a positive catalyst for economic growth.

"We commit ourselves to fiscal restraint, discipline and accountability," said Hon. Sikua.

The Prime Minister stated that his government will investigate the recent allegations of corruption and act on the recommendations of the Auditor General's recent report on insights into Corruption in Solomon Islands Government.

He acknowledged that the private sector is "the engine of economic growth".

"We recognise the importance of the private sector, [and] commit to be a responsive and consultative government on matters that impact the private sector," the new Prime Minister said.

Dr. Sikua pledged that his government will ensure there is an appropriate body of law to protect and facilitate private investment.

"We want to work towards reducing the cost of doing business in the Solomon Islands," the Prime Minister guaranteed the press conference.